Distribution of Essential Medicines

The Government of Uganda Through the National Medical stores distributes essential medicines to all Government Facilities all over the country.The Agency has a dispatch schedule that it follows to make sure that essential medicine reach all Health facilities in the country and in time.

The National Medical Stores delivers medical supplies to the door step of each health facility in Kenya consistently and efficiently. NMS , in partnership with experienced third party carriers, has set up a robust distribution network with the capacity to reach all Public Hospitals, Health Centers and Dispensaries countrywide.

The National Medical Stores  also distributes program commodities which at times. This includes reproductive health commodities, nutritional food supplements, TB/Leprosy and ARV’s. This is aimed at reducing distribution costs and managing medical commodities within one supply chain resulting in greater reach and efficiencies.

Transport status is confirmed with the carrier and Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) ascertained, thereafter, Customer Service representatives communicate shipment status and delivery expectations to the facilities.

Current Dispatch Schedule

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