The Public Relations Section manages the communication function of National Medical Stores. It is meant to build and maintain a good corporate image for NMS by ensuring a smooth flow of information between the Corporation and its stakeholders/ partners/ clients and the general public.


  • To provide public accountability on NMS programs and activities
  • To build and improve public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of what NMS does and hence set the right expectations.
  • To summarize and simplify policy, the mandate of NMS and disseminate it to the public
  • To do damage control and to correct inaccurate perceptions and attitudes among the public by tackling issues about NMS that may be misreported or misrepresented in the media.
  • To create and maintain good relations with all stakeholders so that some level of mutual relationship is created between NMS and its stakeholders.

Media management

  • We practice fast, effective and reliable dissemination of accurate information with a creative touch of professionalism to both internal and external clients.
  • It is our passion to create awareness of institutional activities so as to attain and retain the goodwill of our clientele. This we achieve through maintaining an effective presence on our online platforms (social sites, intranet and website) as well as building a robust relationship with external media houses.

Team Composition

  • Principal Public Relations Officer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • PRO-Stakeholder Management
  • PRO-New Media

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