Stores and Operations

Department Objective
To acquire, store and distribute Essential Medicines and Health supplies in the right quantity of the right quality to all health facilities countrywide effectively and efficiently.

Department Composition
The Stores & Operations department is made up of 3 Sections
1. Stores
2. Transport
3. Vaccines & Cold Chain

The Stores Department works 24 hours 5 days a week. Across two shifts. Delivers Essential Medicines and Health Supplies (EMHS) to all 2,941 Health facilities in the Country and Maintains a stock list approx 3,000  SKUs

 a) Customer Delivery
Several Distribution Models are employed in delivering EMHS to our Customers
1. Point to Point
2. Hub & Spoke
3. Direct Delivery
4. Cross Docking
5. Last mile delivery

b) Supply Chain Planning
– Consumption Data, Projection and stock status  are used
– Scheduling Supplier Deliveries
– Activities are done in association with procurement, Sales, & Finance department

c) Receipt & Storage of Supplies
Offloading, Inspection and Recording of Incoming stock.

d) Warehouse Management
1. Barcode Technology
2. Maintaining Proper storage conditions
3. Stock location / address systems
4. Stock records, track & trace
5. Stock counts and reconciliation

e) Inventory Management
– Product Classification [Therapeutically]
– Product Categorisation
– Stock Reports (status, consumption, projections)

f) Customer Order Processing & Delivery
– Distribution Schedules

g) Transport Route Planning
1. Picking, checking packing of consignments
2. Dispatch, transportation and delivery to health facilities
3. Fleet Management & Maintenance

1. Reduction in Rented Warehouse Space and better utilization of existing warehouse space through Racking
2. Introduction of Barcode technology and RFID
3. Implementation of Last Mile Delivery reducing Delivery time to H/F to 7 days
4. Implementation of automated temperature monitoring devices in all Cold room

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