Ensure  that risks of the corporation are  identified, assessed, reported and monitored and work with management  in mitigating those  risks


  • Carry out risk identification and assessments on NMS business processes and systems to indentify, assess, the risks and report to management.
  • Identifying and assessing the appropriateness and effectiveness of controls and systems being relied on to manage risk.
  • Carry out compliance assessments on the NMS policies and procedures  as detailed  in manuals  and indentify areas of compliance vulnerability
  • Perform quarterly inspections in the  ware houses, cold rooms and other work  process to  check  compliance to  best work practices
  • Carry out biannually testing on business continuity plan, Disaster recovery plans to ascertain staff readiness to manage emerging risks.
  • Working with different heads of departments and risk champions   to identify training needs for staff in risk management.
  • Share reports with internal audit department on areas where recommendations have been adopted by MCM and implementation status reviewed to assist in audit planning.
  •  Follow up on audit recommendation to ensure that, all risk issues indentified have been dealt with and where such issues are still outstanding, management has justifications as to why.
  • Participate in Orientation of  new employees in risk management and avail all the documentation that can enable  them  to adopt best  risk management practices
  • Follow up with the Human resource department and support services (estates officer)  on the health and safety of employees  and inform management on the status of health and safety measures in place
  • Follow up on agreed recommendations and review  status of implementation and report to management
  • Monitor actions being taken to deal with the downside unacceptable exposures and known control failures
  • Understand the significant risks which make up the risk profile of the of the corporation and Biannually update management on the top risks facing the corporation and how they are changing over time.
  • Regularly carry out fresh assessments from each department to trace any changes in the risk being held and update the register.
  • Study business processes  and their controls  and the general control environment and make reports


  • Risk management policy has been put into place.
  • NMS Business continuity plan has been completed.
  • Completed various compliance assessments e.g.  A report on compliance to board resolutions was completed.
  • NMS Risk Profile has been completed and a list of top ten risks presented to board of directors.
  • Internal review of the NMS corporate plan completed.
  • Ongoing risk management orientation for new staff
  • Fire fighting skills training for all staff

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