The NMS Quality control department is mandated to conduct physical-chemical analysis tests on Essential Medicines and Health Supplies (EMHS) that are distributed through NMS as a means of ensuring that only Quality products are received by Health Facilities throughout Uganda. The NMS Quality Control Department does this role as an augmentation to the role of the NDA. The two entities work collaboratively to assure the quality of medicines accessed within the public sector.

Core Values:

Integrity – We develop trust by conducting our business and ourselves in a professional, honest, and ethical manner.

Quality – We deliver a level of service that wins and retains customers, and we prove our capabilities and competencies by earning and maintaining world-recognized international quality standards.

Growth – We are committed to professional development, market growth, and supporting the Buy Uganda Build Uganda initiative that will see the stimulation of research and development of local pharmaceutical products.

Laboratory Quality Policy

The laboratory management shall be committed to the implementation and maintenance of the laboratory quality system in accordance with WHO GPCL and ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 standards and other guidelines of the Ministry of Health of Uganda and the World Health Organization so as to consistently generate reliable and accurate test results.

Core functions/ Activities:

Key Analytical Testing Equipment:


    • GCMSMS (Waters)
    • UHPLC (Thermofischer)
    • HPLC (Shimadzu)
    • HPTLC


    • Potentiometric Titrimeter
    • Karl Fischer


    • UV Spectrophotometer
    • FTIR

Automated Polarimeter

Dissolution machines

Analytical balances

Major functions of the NMS Quality Control laboratory:

  • To conduct quality control testing of medicine samples and provide accurate and precise results.
  • To ensure timely and prompt communication of results to assist in quick decision-making.
  • To participate in setting up adequate quality assurance mechanisms for the Quality Control of medicines.
  • To participate in other quality assurance activities of NMS.

Scope of activities undertaken by the laboratory:

Testing of the following categories of samples/products:

  • Human medicine samples in various dosage forms such as tablets, hard gelatin capsules, oral liquids, suspensions, parenteral preparations, and suppositories.
  • Public Health products such as Insecticides found in LLINS.
  • Subcontracting for testing for third parties
  • Internships

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