Clarification on Deliveries to Abim Hospital

Moses Kamabare General Manager / CEOOur attention is drawn to reports that have been circulating on social media regarding the detention of Two National Medical Stores Staff for allegedly delivering empty boxes of drugs to Abim hospital worth 1 billion Uganda shillings.

We would like to inform the general public and all stake holders that the above allegation is NOT TRUE, No staff of National Medical Stores has been detained for any alleged theft and the facts are as follows.

NMS routinely delivers medicines and health supplies to all health facilities in the country and in the most recent delivery cycle in the Karamoja Sub Region, our last mile delivery agents reported that while distributing medicines destined for Abim Hospital and other health facilities in the area, unaware to them, several cartons of medicines fell out of the truck. This they pointed was due to a faulty lock on the truck door. The Last Mile agents were then instructed to deliver the supplies that were left in the truck and requested that the health facilities fill out delivery discrepancy forms to determine the stock that was lost.

Subsequent verification and reconciliation with Abim Hospital found that the value of stock lost was worth 149 million UGX and not 1 billion UGX as was indicated in reports circulating on social media.

The matter was immediately reported to police and our insurers for further investigation and compensation for the lost items. In the interest of continued service delivery, supplementary orders of medicines and health supplies were dispatched and have been received by Abim hospital.

In conclusion we wish to further assure all stakeholders that NMS remains committed to providing the population of this country with quality medicines and health supplies.

Moses Kamabare

General Manager / CEO


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