What is NMS Smart Care?

NMS Smart Care is a set of products that enable Public Health Facilities and the general public to give and receive feedback on the medicine and medical supplies delivered by NMS in real time.

What Challenges formed the basis of NMS Smart Care??

Prior to the development of NMS Smart Care, the Public Health Facilities had to fill up a paper based forms and send them by courier to NMS whenever they had any issues with the supplies delivered by NMS. During this time, the feedback would take up to 3 months to get to NMS in some instances. Sometimes the forms would get damaged along the way hence no feedback would reach NMS.

On the other hand, NMS had no visibility  when the lower facilities (HCII, HCII, HCIV) received their supplies. NMS would have to rely on paper documents (delivery notes) to be returned to NMS. This too would take lots of time sometimes close to three months.

So how does NMS Smart Care enable the Public Health Facilities to give feedback in real time to NMS??

NMS Smart Care is a set of tools that offers different channels through which Public Health Facilities and the general public are able to send feedback to NMS based on their convenience. NMS Smart Care further gives NMS visibility on deliveries made in real time, when the delivery was made, who received the supplies and if there are any issues related to the delivery. Below are the channels that can be used to access NMS Smart Care.

1.      NMS Smart Care APP  (found in Google Play Store for android devices) and online – http://smartcare.nms.go.ug for sending feedback to NMS

2.     NMS LMD APP (Found in Google Play Store for android devices) and online – http://dmt.nms.go.ug/ to know where NMS is delivering in real time.

3.      SMS to 6090 (SMS to this short code is free of charge)

4.      Live Chat – http://www.nms.go.ug

How do people without smartphones or those with no internet access NMS Smart Care??

People without smartphones or internet can access NMS Smart Care by sending an SMS to 6090. If it is an issue to do with orders, go to messages on your phone, type the order number (e.g 05849) leave space, type your message and send to 6090. If it is anything else that has nothing to do with orders, type the word FEEDBACK, leave space, type your message and send to 6090. NMS Smart Care keeps you updated through SMS alerts on the progress of the issues raised.

So what have been the immediate benefits of NMS Smart Care??

Internally, NMS Smart Care has enabled NMS to greatly improve on the resolution time and effective handling of feedback submitted by Public Health Facilities. Every feedback is received, logged and assigned to the appropriate officer for action. Due to NMS Smart Care, NMS now resolves over 200 complaints per month as compared to 300 complaints that used to be resolved in a whole year. NMS Smart Care generates statistics and reports that have enabled NMS to greatly improve and strengthen NMS’ Core Value of Customer Satisfaction.

NMS Smart Care through its LMD Tool – http://dmt.nms.go.ug/ has enabled NMS to be accountable to the public. SMS messages are sent out to the District Health Officer (DHO), Members of Parliament on the Health Committee, stakeholders in the Ministry of Health and other interested members of society whenever NMS delivers supplies to the respective districts and facilities.

This has helped NMS to be accountable to the public. The public can now access information on where NMS has delivered, what it has delivered, the nature of supplies, who received the supplies and lots more by just accessing – http://dmt.nms.go.ug      

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